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Trips to Jamaica

          Each year, with the help of Food For the Poor, our family and a group of volunteers travel to Jamaica for 5-6 days to build a new Steph’s Place school, visit different orphanages, homes, and shelters, and best of all, spend time with the Jamaican adults and children. We are fully immersed in the Jamaican culture, and we can quickly see how Stephanie fell in love with the country and it’s people. This trip gives us the unique opportunity to experience firsthand what Stephanie’s Mission is truly about: helping children in need. We come with soccer balls, clothes, shoes, candy, games, and more to personally hand to the children. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience and we genuinely hope that everyone can attend this trip, or another mission trip, at least once in their lifetime.

Steph's Place Schools I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII

Housing: Before & After

BEFORE AND AFTER: The picture on the left is the old school that the children in Rectory, Jamaica were attending. The structure was entirely made of metal, making it unbearably hot inside, and there was only 1 bathroom with no plumbing. Worst of all, the school was located in a field near a trail that would attract many wanderers passing by. Mrs. Miller, the principal, said that some days she feared for the safety of her and her students.

The picture on the right is Steph's Place V, located right off of a main road where many people in the community will be sure to keep watch over it!

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