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Join Steph's Mission Team!

If you would like more information about our annual trips to Jamaica, or are interested in joining a trip, please fill out your information below. We love having new members join us on our trips, as we wish to share the unforgettable experience with everyone. 





       "The ability to participate in a mission trip with the foundation and to follow in the footsteps of Stephanie was a genuine blessing. With me I carry invaluable life lessons, unforgettable memories and not to mention carpentry skills that did not exist in the slightest before the experience. It was a life-changing experience from which anyone themselves can benefit from while simultaneously improving the lives of others. From it I learned the true meaning of what is it is to be a humanitarian, to be humble and to be a culturally competent individual."       -Katie O'Leary, NY




"The trips to Jamaica truly encompass who Steph was and everything she lived for. After every school built, my outlook on the world and life as a whole is changed for the better. We go there to help the people of Jamaica in need but you leave with them truly having helped you. Everything I am today has been shaped by Stephanie's mission."    -Linsey McFarland, CA




       "Arriving to Jamaica and wearing 'Food for the Poor' tees with all of Steph's loved ones is a priceless feeling. Looking into the eyes of children that she once made an impact on...and herself, is also priceless. We work in the poorest areas of Jamaica, yet the community if full of love, energy, and most of all, appreciation -- being apart of these mission trips teaches us a lot about ourselves and how good we can be. I would have never experienced, or learned this about myself if it wasn't for Stephanie and the community continuously supporting the fund, allowing us to carry on her dreams."           - Mia Mirabile, NY

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